UnderDog Communications is prepared to show you that you don’t have to be BIG to be Insanely GREAT!

MainLogoCommunications Planning & Implementation

UnderDog is your AFFORDABLE alternative for public relations, marketing, Web design, multimedia (video, AV, audio) production and communications planning. We work closely with small-to-medium sized businesses, education, and community and issue-oriented nonprofit organizations. With the Internet and the World Wide Web and our Team Design Web application, we can meet your needs with accountable responsibility. And, it doesn’t matter where you are!

Learning Technologies Design & Development

Learning and Educational Technologies go well beyond hardware and software, beyond PowerPoint presentations, even beyond desktop digital video production. These are all tools for students within the larger context of learning how to think critically, strategically and creatively. Moreover, learning technologies are those that when used appropriately, become seamless additions to a learning environment, used by both teachers/instructors and learners/students alike.